What is hail damage, and how can it affect my home?

On asphalt shingles hail damage often presents as punctures, tears, or bruises in the shingle mats. Shingle bruises are an indentation with fracture in the mat that feels soft – similar to a bruise on an apple.

These bruises are often marked by dislodged granules, but the untrained eye cannot always see the bruising at a first glance. Make sure to call Rocky Mountain Restoration for a professional inspection of your roof before filing a claim on your insurance policy for hail damage. (Click Here For Your Free Inspection)

Why should I hire Rocky Mountain Restoration?

Most insurance carriers will only accepts bids from companies that have a license and insurance. Since we keep our legal information up-to-date, your insurance company is more likely to take our claims seriously. Our good reputation helps us work with insurance carriers.

Each contractor we work with is OSHA compliant. Our contractors in Colorado know how to work quickly and precisely while maintaining their safety. We take safety very seriously.

Our company is fully licensed and insured. Insurance adjusters usually prefer working with experienced construction companies. Since we have all the right licenses and insurance coverages, we are your preferred provider.

Our experienced contractors can help with more than just roof replacement and roof repair. We do exterior painting, gutters, and more. All the services you need to keep the outside of your home beautiful, and strong enough to protect you from the elements.

I have recently filed a claim on my homeowner’s policy for wind/hail damage? How will this affect my rates?

Your rates should not be affected by a wind or hail claim, but you should verify this with your insurance agent. Wind and hail storms are classified as an “Act of God” for which you have no control so your policy, in virtually all cases, should remain consistent! Have more questions? Contact one of our insurance experts!

Should I have someone from Rocky Mtn Restoration at my insurance adjustment?

Absolutely. We can help assist with all phases of your insurance claim. The average contractor is known to just hand you an estimate and tell you “Good Luck.” We will meet with the field adjuster from your insurance company to protect your insurance investment. This way you can rest assured that the insurance adjuster assesses all damages for which you are entitled compensation, not just your roof replacement. Click HERE for a Free Consultation.