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Colorado Rain Gutter Experts

Rocky Mountain Restoration specializes in the installation and servicing of rain gutters in Colorado. The comfort of being able to enter and exit your home without getting wet is the most obvious reason for installing rain gutters. Rain gutters can also get rid of water pooling around the foundation of your home or business. In addition to keeping your foundation safe, gutters can also help prevent mold and damage to other exterior features such as landscaping, siding, decks and more.

Our team regularly performs gutter replacements that extend the life of your house by as much as 10 years. If you’re not satisfied with your installation, we provide a a craftsmanship warranty on the items we install.

Have storms knocked your gutters down? We provide simple gutter reattachments to get your drainage system back to working order fast.

We will replace rotten wood, recaulk, prime and even paint in mounting areas that show signs of rotting or structural weakness. A quality gutter installation requires strong mounting surfaces to last for many years.

We specialize in all types of rain gutter installation, replacements and repairs, including (but not limited to):
  • Seamless Rain Gutters
  • Half Round Gutters
  • Downspout Installation & Repair
  • Gutter Leaf Guard Protection
  • Drip Edge Flashing
  • Rain Water Management Systems
  • & More

Colorado Rain Gutter Installation & Repair

We repair and replace poorly installed, sagging, or leaky gutters
It’s important to have functioning gutters attached to your home to ensure that you don’t flood your yard, damage your foundation, or cause excess wear to your roof line, fascia or gutter hardware. If damage does occur, the costs for repair can be extremely high. To avoid these issues, consider getting a gutter evaluation from the professionals at Rocky Mtn Restoration.

We often see homes with subpar gutter installations or leaky/damaged gutter sections that may not need to be completely replaced. Our gutter repair service is perfect for individuals who have an issue with their current gutters and need a professional to come and diagnose the problem.

Repair Sagging and Leaking Rain Gutters to Save Money
Sagging and leaking gutters can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and a simple gutter tune up may be all you need to avoid the problems and get your gutters functioning like new again. During the gutter repair process we create stronger, better looking gutters by modifying your standard gutter system.

Gutter Tune Up Process

  • Modify standard systems to increase strength and overall aesthetics
  • Minimize joints for strength and durability
  • Create sleek and strong seams to eliminate leakage
  • Add Drip Edge flashing to keep water flowing into the gutter

We will approach your existing gutters as if we were installing them for the first time using only the highest grade flashing, hangers, custom prefinished supports, galvanized hardware and tripolymer gutter sealant.

Our Roof was damaged and our gutters were dented from a recent hail storm. Rocky Mtn Restoration replaced our existing gutters and were able to upgrade them from 4 inch up to 5 inch gutters which solved some drainage issues and puddling we were having near the foundation of the house. These guys knocked on our door after the storm, worked with our insurance company from start to finish and got us a really nice roof and gutter system. We would highly recommend them to our friends.